Liberation is a lovingly crafted single-player open-universe RPG, inspired by classic science fiction such as Blake’s 7 and the original 1984 BBC Micro version of Elite.

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Accessibility options

Where possible, we adhere to the Game Accessibility Guidelines.


  • keyboard and controller support
  • partial remapping support
  • all areas of UI accessible using same input method as gameplay
  • control sensitivity can be adjusted
  • on screen buttons are large and accessible via controllers
  • windowed mode available
  • cooldown between weapons
  • “story mode” option basically removes timed component of enemy fights


  • game starts without needing menus
  • mission objectives on screen
  • no essential ship health information conveyed by text alone
  • option to turn off particle effects
  • gameplay thumbnails with save games


  • no essential information is conveyed by a colour alone
  • high contrast between text/UI and background
  • camera fov can be adjusted
  • options to adjust contrast and brightness
  • separate volume controls and mutes for effects, speech and background/music


  • subtitles for all important speech
  • separate volume controls and mutes for effects, speech and background / music


  • four difficulty levels
  • docking computer assists flight
  • all settings are saved/remembered

Please let us know of any accessibility features or tweaks that would make Liberation a great experience for you.