Magnavody is an open source simulator / emulator for first video game console, the glorious Magnavox Odyssey.

We are working with game designers and historians to create an authentic, accurate, accessible and fun emulator for Odyssey.

Source code

The source code is free and open source under the GPL v3+. We provide dedicated binary builds via itch and steam. Purchasing the build supports development of the project.

Steam page

Itch page

Accessibility options

Where possible, we adhere to the Game Accessibility Guidelines.


  • keyboard and controller support
  • all areas of UI accessible using same input method as gameplay
  • control sensitivity can be adjusted
  • on screen buttons are large and accessible via controllers
  • windowed mode available


  • emulator provides a “quick start” option without needing menus
  • thumbnails with games and overlays in selectors


  • no essential information is conveyed by a colour alone
  • high contrast between text/UI and background

Please let us know in our gitlab issue tracker of any accessibility features or tweaks that would make Magnavody a great experience for you.