Liberation is a retro space adventure. Fight back against the evil Galactic Federation! It'll be good for humanity and probably OK for you.


An Epic Adventure

Liberation is a retro space adventure inspired by classic UK science fiction. Pilot an elite stealth ship as you take your revenge against the evil Galactic Federation (GalFed).

Upgrade your ship with a variety of weapons and systems. Engage in high-stakes dogfights, dock with space stations and planet spaceports, and work with heroes and villains to destroy GalFed.

Liberation is a lovingly crafted single-player open-universe RPG, inspired by classic science fiction such as Blake's 7 and the original 1984 BBC Micro version of Elite.

Unleash Chaos

In Liberation, there are 20 unique systems to explore, ranging from Khalidir, a desert planet so harsh the residents never leave their domed city, to the Vantinov Clouds, a nebula so dense that scanners are useless and hunters become prey.

GalFed is a living, breathing empire where thinking machines are banned, the rich and powerful amuse themselves with political intrigue, and regular citizens are treated like cattle.

It's up to you to lead the rebellion and liberate each system one-by-one.

Liberation is a action space combat sim stripped back to its core. Less trading, tighter combat, more story, and a rich lore-filled universe.

It is a low polygon game powered by the latest engine -- dynamic lighting, volumetric fog, physics and hundreds of ships.

Developer Quote

"Liberation is definitely a love letter to British science fiction. But the type of scifi that was broadcast on Australian television decades after it was made. Shows such as Blake's 7, The Tripods, Space:1999, Star Cops, Red Dwarf, Survivors and Doctor Who! We wanted to pour all that rich story-telling, satirical humour and awesome-but-frankly-wobbly special effects into one game. The result is Liberation!" - Luke Miller, developer

Developer Quote 2

"We loved the original Elite on the BBC Micro Computer in 1984. We can't say this is a spiritual successor because we love Elite II as well. We think of Liberation as a kind of 'alternate history' of the original Elite. Instead of going down the path of realistic physics and procedurally generated galaxies, we wanted to tease out the more fantastical scifi elements of Elite... and, of course, you can visits the planets." - Luke Miller, developer


  • Fly the galaxy's coolest ship;
  • Explore a hand-crafted galaxy;
  • Fight intelligent AI armed with a variety of ships and weapons;
  • Upgrade your ship with new systems;


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